Your smile matters. It affects how you look and feel. It influences your self-esteem.

But a great smile begins with nice teeth. You can whiten teeth to change the color if your teeth are not white enough.

However, you’ll need braces to straighten your teeth if they’re misaligned or crooked. There are multiple types to choose from, including Damon ceramic braces.

Damon braces are not the most popular type, but they are unique and beneficial. Continue reading to learn more about Damon ceramic braces and their benefits.

Basics of Damon Ceramic Braces

Traditional braces have key traits, including metal brackets and wires. These are common for people of all ages but are not the only option for straighter teeth.

In fact, many adults prefer other options, such as Damon ceramic braces. Approximately 32% of adults currently wear braces. Some use traditional braces, but others choose clear aligners or Damon braces.

Damon braces provide straight teeth in a slightly different manner compared to traditional braces. However, they offer many benefits compared to other options.

So, how do Damon braces work? Well, they use a wire that stretches across each arch. The wire has sliding brackets over it. The brackets slide as needed across the teeth.

This process ensures that the pressure is exactly where it needs to be to shift teeth properly. It also reduces unnecessary pressure on the wrong teeth.

You can get Damon braces in two different materials. The first is metal, and this option is made of stainless steel.

The second type is the clear option, which consists of ceramic brackets. Ceramic brackets match your tooth color, making them harder to see.

Benefits of Damon Braces

Damon braces are unique; thus, they offer some benefits compared to other types of braces. Here are the primary benefits:


Traditional braces often cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Damon braces may be slightly uncomfortable. However, they are much gentler than traditional brackets and wires.

These braces do not use elastic bands. Therefore, there is less friction, making them gentler. Another reason they’re gentler is from the self-mitigating brackets they use.

You’ll feel them on your teeth, but they generally do not hurt.


Due to how these braces work, they tend to make teeth shift faster. Of course, the actual time depends on the person and their situation.

In many cases, a person can get straight teeth in 24 months or less with Damon braces. However, some people can achieve the desired results in less than six months.

More Comfortable

The gentle way Damon braces shift teeth makes this option more comfortable than others. You may feel some pressure with the Damon system, but it’s much less than the pressure you feel with traditional braces.

Requires Fewer Office Visits

Traditional braces require visiting the orthodontist every month. The orthodontist tightens the wires each month, adding more pressure to the teeth. Damon braces do not require these monthly visits.

You’ll still need to attend orthodontic visits, but they won’t be monthly. You may need to go every few months, depending on your situation.

With traditional braces, an orthodontist must tighten the wires each month. They do this to add pressure to the wires, which helps the teeth shift more.

You won’t require these monthly visits with the Damon system. This is another reason you’ll feel less pain. When orthodontists tighten the wires of traditional braces, it instantly adds more pressure to the teeth.

Looks Nicer

If you compare Damon braces to traditional ones, you’ll instantly see a difference in looks. Traditional braces are popular with teens, and most do not mind them.

However, adults tend to want a more discreet way to achieve straighter teeth. Thus, they turn to Damon braces because they look nicer. These braces are less noticeable than metal brackets.

As a result, you’ll feel less self-conscious wearing them. They won’t stand out when people see your teeth. They’re subtle.

Easier to Clean

Finally, you can clean your teeth easier with Damon braces compared to other types. The result is fresher breath and a reduced risk of cavities forming during orthodontic treatment.

Tips for Getting Braces

Now that you can see the benefits of Damon braces, you may want to consider them if you want straighter teeth. You’ll need to complete a few steps to ensure this is the right system for your teeth.

Here are the steps you must take:

Choose an Orthodontist

First, you need to find an orthodontist in your area. Owl Orthodontics offers four convenient locations in Western New York. Check us out if you live in this area.

As you select an orthodontist, find a reputable one. Choose one that specializes in adult treatment options. Read reviews to learn more about their services before picking one.

Consider Braces Types

Next, consider all the types you can choose from for straighter teeth. We’ve discussed traditional braces and Damon braces. But there are others, including clear braces and aligners.

Talk to the orthodontist to determine which types would work well for your teeth. Some braces types work better for certain issues than others.

You’ll need an evaluation to determine which options are most effective for your teeth. You may even want to get a second opinion before choosing a type.

Compare Costs and Other Factors

Additionally, ask about the costs and steps of the orthodontic treatment process for one or two options. The costs vary by the type of braces and the amount of work needed.

Learn More About Orthodontic Treatment

Damon ceramic braces provide effective results with fewer hassles. As you can see, they offer many benefits. If you want straight, nice teeth, this might be the option for you.

Would you love to have nicer teeth? Are you ready to learn more about your options? We can help.

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