The days when braces were a teen-only phenomenon are gone. Today, over 4 million Americans have them, and a quarter of those people are adults!

With that rising demand, finding an orthodontic specialist with open availability can be tough. As you research options in your area, it’s not always easy to find trustworthy clinics with experienced dental pros who also accept new patients. Where do you even start?

It may be tempting to go with the first result of a search for “orthodontist near me,” but avoid the urge! There are plenty of ways to do your research and find reputable clinics you can trust with your smile. Here’s what you should know.

Get Referrals

Start by creating a shortlist of Amherst orthodontics clinics you want to consider. The best method is asking around for referrals.

If you already have a good relationship with a local dentist, be sure to ask them for recommendations! Because they hear reviews from their patients and see the results of orthodontists’ work, dentists are often knowledgeable about the most skilled and trusted clinics in the area.

You can also ask friends, family members, and colleagues for recommendations. If anyone in your network has had a great experience with an orthodontic specialist, add that clinic to your list.

See Who Accepts Your Insurance

Narrow down your shortlist by crossing off any orthodontists who don’t accept your insurance.

To do this, call each office to ask what types of insurance they accept. If you want to cross multiple options off your list at once, you can also call the number on your insurance card or check your insurer’s website.

Check Their Treatment Offerings

There’s no sense in considering an orthodontist in Amherst, NY if they don’t offer the treatment you need!

If you’re looking for specific treatments, such as Invisalign, metal braces, or wisdom teeth removal, check the orthodontist’s website. Finding an orthodontist who offers a wide range of choices is ideal. Knowing that your chosen specialist can help you with anything you need, both now and in the future, can offer great peace of mind.

Read Reviews

While you’re online searching “orthodontics office near me,” check the clinic’s reviews as well. The results on Google will often give you an overall rating and access to individual reviews, but you can also check sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Healthgrades.

You should expect to find mostly positive reviews for any orthodontist you’re considering. While a few negative reviews shouldn’t be a red flag, look for patterns of complaints. If you notice that a lot of patients are frustrated with one particular part of their experience, it may be a sign that you should look elsewhere!

Consider Their Education and Experience

Next, look into the orthodontist’s education. Did they go to an accredited dental school? Where did they complete their orthodontic residency?

Beyond their education, how much experience do they have? While there’s nothing wrong with choosing a dentist fresh out of school, you may want to choose one with a few years of experience under their belt.

This is especially true if you’re looking for an orthodontist for a child or teen. Growing mouths can present unique challenges, and not all clinics are prepared to face them.

Experience with children and teens is a definite plus if you want to ensure that your child feels comfortable. Family-friendly practices are often better at making young patients feel at ease and establishing a rapport early on.

Check Their Memberships

Many of the best orthodontists in Williamsville, NY are part of professional organizations.

Check for membership with the American Association of Orthodontics. To get this membership, an orthodontist needs to do a three-year residency in orthodontics after dental school. In addition, they can only get their certification after passing a licensing exam in their state.

Look for Convenience

Visiting an orthodontist can be different from visiting a dentist. For many treatment options, you’ll need to make a series of visits.

For your own convenience, make sure you’re choosing a clinic with a nearby location! Whether you need a Clarence orthodontist or a specialist in Grand Island, Owl Orthodontics has you covered.

You should also take note of the clinic’s office hours. If you’re scheduling around work or school, try to find an orthodontist with hours to match.

Visit in Person

When you’re ready to move forward, set up an initial consultation to visit the clinic in person. Many orthodontists offer complimentary exams to patients seeking treatment. This gives you a chance to get a second opinion if needed.

If the clinic you’re considering doesn’t have any availability for these consultations, cross them off your list.

When your appointment comes up, get a feel for the clinic as a whole. How are you greeted when you enter? Here at Owl Orthodontics, we offer new patients a short tour of the office so they can get a feel for the practice.

During your appointment, get a feel for the orthodontist and their staff. You should feel comfortable with them, and your child should as well if you’re seeking a specialist on their behalf.

Ask plenty of questions about your treatment options, including answers to any concerns you were unable to address during your online research. The orthodontist and their team should be able to answer these questions with ease. In addition, you should never feel rushed during the consultation.

Ask About the Cost

We understand that cost is a crucial factor for most families. Whether you need teeth whitening in Williamsville or you’re worried about the average Invisalign cost in Buffalo, don’t hesitate to ask about the price! The best orthodontists will always offer clear info about their costs as well as multiple financing options.

Find the Right Orthodontic Specialist

Choosing the right orthodontic specialist doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. With the tips above, you can narrow down your options and find a clinic to trust with your oral health.

If you want outstanding orthodontic treatment without the hassle of research, partner with us! Owl Orthodontics is proud to offer treatment at multiple locations throughout Western New York. Contact us today to learn more!