Treatment Options with You in Mind

Here at Owl Orthodontics we know that every patient has a unique smile. That’s why we offer a wide variety of treatment options provided by our orthodontic specialists, to give patients in, and around the Buffalo, NY area the personalized care they deserve. Whether you’re seeking traditional braces for comprehensive correction, clear aligners for a more discreet solution, or other advanced orthodontic techniques, we have the expertise and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Traditional Braces & Beyond

1. Metal Braces.

Metal braces are the most common type of braces, made of high-quality, durable stainless steel. These braces consist of brackets, wires, and bands all working together to guide teeth into the correct alignment. Metal braces are the most effective and best for handling extreme misalignments and overcrowding of teeth. They are best known for their durability and cost-effectiveness. They are a reliable choice for patients of all ages who are looking to correct their teeth.

2. Damon Braces.

The Damon Braces System is a breakthrough in orthodontic technology. It uses an approach to straighten teeth with enhanced comfort and efficiency. These braces differ from metal and ceramic braces in both design and function, while still offering amazing results. The Damon System features tie-less braces that do not need the typical “tightening” that other braces require.

3. Ceramic Braces.

Ceramic braces are a modern alternative to traditional metal braces. Ceramic braces offer a more subtle appearance, with clear or tooth-colored materials. This makes them a preferred choice for individuals who are looking for a less noticeable orthodontic solution, especially for adults. They move teeth just as efficiently as metal braces and have the same fundamental structure as well.

4. Invisalign®.

Looking for a more discreet option? Learn about our Invisalign® treatment options here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Both myths and facts about braces treatment are, for many, common knowledge– whether that means your first impression of orthodontic treatment is what candies you’ll have to give up, or horror stories about various parts of the fitting and maintenance. It’s true that for many years, the braces experience of yesterday could be an uncomfortable and complicated one. However, thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, modern-day braces are much more comfortable and streamlined than their predecessors, with newer, more discreet and lower-maintenance options like ceramic and Damon braces available. At Owl Orthodontics, our orthodontic specialists offer a range of “traditional” braces that you’ll find aren’t quite so traditional after all, offering a superior experience to a wide variety of patients.

How Much do Braces Cost?

The cost of braces treatment can vary by the specific type of treatmeant you’re recieving. On average, braces in New York can range from $3,000-8,000 with no insurance. Schedule your consult with the Owl Orthodontics team where we’ll discuss your specific treatment plan including your options for financing! Regardless of cost, orthodontic treamtent is a worthwhile investment that will last a lifetime!

What type of braces are best?

Which kind of braces will work best for you depends on a variety of factors as well as your personal preferences. At Owl Orthodontics, we work with our patients to ensure they have the best possible experience no matter what treatment opted for. Schedule your consultation today and we’ll review your available options!

What Age Can My Child Start Orthodontics?

While braces are often thought of as being a quintessentially “teenage” experience, the truth is that virtually anybody at any age can benefit from orthodontics. Plenty of adults undergo treatment to help alleviate the pain of issues like crowding, as well as achieve the esthetic results they desire. However, “early intervention” orthodontic treatment is also a viable option for some younger children. While we take careful effort to use conservative measures, especially for pediatric patients, some children can benefit from this early orthodontic treatment, also known as Phase I treatment. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) states that kids should have their first visit to an orthodontist around age seven, and while this is only a preparative measure for the majority of children, including those who will eventually need braces, in some cases early treatment will help greatly to streamline the process later on.

Are there alternatives to metal braces in greater Buffalo, NY?

Yes! Owl Orthodontics offers Invisalign clear aligners to our patients. Depending on your case, clear aligners may be the perfect option for you! To learn more, check out our page on Invisalign treatment.

Do you take Medicaid for Braces?

Owl Orthodontics proudly accepts medicaid plans for your orthodontic treatment. Review the details of your dental plan to ensure you understand what is covered.

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